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COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Meetings scheduled to discuss senior residence

Posted by Elwin Green on July 2, 2012 at 11:15 PM

A new senior residence planned for N. Homewood Avenue will be the focus of two meetings being held in Homewood this month.

Councilman Ricky Burgess's executive assistant, Marita Bradley, said in an email that the meetings were scheduled at the request of the Zoning Board after a group of about 15 people expressed opposition to the senior residence planned for 524 N. Homewood Avenue in a hearing last week.

The meetings will be held on July 9th and July 16th at the Homewood-Brushton YMCA, at 7 pm on both days.

Councilman Burgess describes the senior residence as Phase 1 of Bridging the Busway, the transit-oriented development plan that was published a few weeks ago.

Ms. Bradley also said that two copies of the Bridging the Busway plan will be placed in the Homewood Carnegie Library for public use. She said that they should be there in a few days.

I asked her if the Councilman was charging for copies of the Bridging the Busway plan, as Lucille Prater-Holliday said in her comments to my last post about BTB. Here is her response:

"We are absolutely not charging anything for copies of the bridging the busway study. I have no idea where that came from and when I did speak with Ms. Prater-Holliday I mentioned that they were costly to print so there was a budgeted amount printed. We made the whole document available online to accommodate everyone. "

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Reply Queen Lucille
10:03 PM on July 3, 2012 
Mr. Green, Thank you so much for posting this information. After some In response to your post above, I contacted Councilman Burgess' office on Tuesday, June 19 for a copy of the BTB plan, Ms Bradley informed me that they did not have any more copies and they are costly to print, and suggested I call Operation Better Block for a copy, which I did immediately after our conversation. I was informed by the person that answered the phone at OBB that the "people" who have that information were out of town and to call back the following Monday. I later went to the BTB website and that is where I read that the plan is being sold for $35.80, as you also mentioned in your blog. Councilman Burgess' office is listed as the contact for more information, which may lead some to believe that he is the one selling it. Ms. Bradley also states that "We made the document available online to accommodate everyone." Maybe where Ms. Bradley lives "everyone" has access to the internet, but in Homewood where I live, everyone does not, especially our seniors whom Councilman says are so important. Really? As you mentioned in your blog, "....this has happened really quietly: the final version of the Bridging the Busway plan has been released." Has the BTB plan been unveiled to Homewood residents and if not, why not? It seems as though the BTB Plan is a big secret to everyone except the people that seem to have been hand picked by Councilman Burgess. Why are copies just being placed in the library "in a few days"? If the Counciloman really wanted the BTB Plan to be available to the community, it makes sense to me that the Library would be one of the first places to display it. In addition, as constituents and taxpayers in the 9th Council District, it is the responsibility of Councilman Burgess and his staff to provide us with information pertinent to Homewood when requested, especially information regarding a development plan that will change the entire community of Homewood as we now know it. We should not be redirected to another agency or organization for information. I was not requesting a pretty, colorful, bound copy of the BTB plan. A black and white printed copy would have sufficed. Our Councilman and his staff should be more receptive and responsive to requests from their constituents. I don't think that is too much to ask. Thank you.
Reply George
8:11 AM on July 6, 2012 
Mr. Green, I was at the Zonning Hearing and as of today, I have not received any notice about any meetings. Is this this just me or are there others?
Reply Elwin Green
7:08 PM on July 7, 2012 
I have received a notice of the meetings. Anybody else?
Reply Elwin Green
3:51 PM on July 9, 2012 
CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION: The notice that I received was a flyer that my wife brought home. I don't know where she got it. If by "notice" you meant received something in the mail, no, I haven't received that.

Anybody else?

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