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Zone 5 Mission Statement Short, Deep

Posted by Elwin Green on July 13, 2016 at 1:15 PM

I visited with Zone 5 police commander Jason Lando yesterday., and learned that Zone 5 has a mission statement.

I don't know how common (or not) it is for police zones, or even departments, to have mission statements. I don't think that it would have even occurred to me ask about such a thing. But there it was, firmly secured under the glass top of the conference table in Lando's office.

And here it is:

I asked him how it came to be, and this is what he said.

I like everything about it: its brevity, its contextualization of law enforcement, the fact that "Act ethically" is #1. And as a publisher, I really, really like the font - gotta circle back and ask him about that.

But what I may like most is that it can become a tool for use in interacting with police and evaluating their performance. Citizens can use it to challenge officers when we believe they are falling short on one or more of the four points, or we can use it to affirm them when we think they're doing well on one or more of the four points.

What do you think?

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Reply Denise Johnson
2:59 PM on July 13, 2016 
Agreed. You should share it with folks on the review board and disseminate to other neglected communities.
Reply GTO
7:47 PM on July 13, 2016 
I'm surprised they have a Mission Statement and I applaud it. And your last line sums it all up.
Reply GTO
7:52 PM on July 13, 2016 
Sorry, your 2nd to last line.
Reply Elwin Green
1:06 AM on July 16, 2016 
Denise Johnson says...
Agreed. You should share it with folks on the review board and disseminate to other neglected communities.

If you mean the Citizen Police Review Board, they've received the link to this post. As for disseminating to other neglected communities, feel free to share far and wide...
Reply Elwin Green
1:07 AM on July 16, 2016 
GTO says...
Sorry, your 2nd to last line.


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