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Monday Meetings Provide Opportunities For Engagement

Posted by Elwin Green on November 6, 2016 at 7:30 PM

These things are happening tomorrow, Monday, November 7:


At 2 pm, "a discussion about housing and community development, health and environmental justice, and crime and safety in Homewood," sponsored by Masters of Social Work students at the University of Pittsburgh, in partnership with Homewood Children's Village and Operation Better Block.


The flyer that appeared in my door a few days ago says that food from Homewood caterers will be provided, and that childcare and transportation are available upon request.


The flyer asks for day-before RSVPs to (412) 450-0354 or [email protected]; when you read this, it may be too late to do that for tomorrow.. The good news is that anyone who can't make this meeting has two more opportunities to participate - at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, or at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15.


Tomorrow's meeting is at the Carnegie Library, 7101 Hamilton Avenue; Wednesday's meeting is at Operation Better Block, 801 N. Homewood Avenue; and next Tuesday's meeting is at the Homewood-Brushton Branch of CCAC, 701 N. Homewood Ave.


Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay stunned many of us Friday by announcing his resignation; Tuesday will be his last day of work.


At 5 p.m., The Alliance for Police Accountability is hosting, "Send Chief McLay Home with Gratitude," an opportunity for citizens to express appreciation for the work that Chief McLay has done to improve policing generally and police officers' relationships with Pittsburgh's Black population in particular. The event will be held at The Kingsley Assocation, 6435 Frankstown Ave., and is scheduled to run until 7:30.



At 5:30 pm, you can express any concerns that Chief McLay's resignation raises for you by attending a special community meeting of The Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations at the CCAC Homewood-Brushton Center, 701 North Homewood Ave.

The Commission also invites attendees to 

- share your experiences and observations of discrimination in policing, housing, employment, and accommodations such as transportation, health care, etc

- submit requests for an audit of the City of Pittsburgh regarding systemic patterns of discrimination in capital budget and CDGB spending, development and zoning practices, housing policies, etc

- express your concerns discrimination in housing, employment, and accommodations such as transportation, public services, etc.

An email from commissioner Helen Gerhardt notes, "The Commission is determined to take decisive action, both to address individual complaints of discrimination as well as systemic patterns."


At 6 p.m., there will be a Homewood community meeting to present the Homewood, East Hills, East Liberty, Lincon-Lemington-Belmar, and Larimer Protection Initiative (aka "HELP Initiative"), described on its website as "a comprehensive, resident-driven initiative to protect, strengthen, and rebuild targeted East End communities."


The meeting will be held at Community Empowerment Association, 7210 Kelly Street, and is scheduled to run until 7:30. It will include an overview of the HELP Initiative, and updates on current and coming projects.


To get a sense of the scale and type of activity invovled, PLEASE visit the initiative's website. It's surprisingly good at not only introducing HELP, but documenting the process that has occurred so far, and the status of projects underway. That documentation includes videos like this one, from a meeting held on February 16:

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


It also provides the opportunity for residents to sign "The HELP Pledge," which reads as follows:

"I Pledge To HELP:

• Transform distressed low-income communities into stable mixed-income communities.

• Improve the health, safety, employment, and education of families.

• Demand living wage jobs, high performing schools, early childhood education, and accessible public transformation.

• Create parks, clean open spaces, green design, conservation and energy reduction.

• Support local entrepreneurship and the rebuilding of historic business districts.


Check it out! 


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