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TRID meeting #3, and...Happy New Year?

Posted by Elwin Green on January 28, 2015 at 10:10 PM

This is happening tomorrow evening:

This meeting is the last meeting to offer Homewood residents and others information to help us decide whether or not we want to pursue the Transit Revitalization Investment District designation for part of the neighborhood.

Earlier meetings explained how a TRID works (the designation creates a mechanism for real estate taxes from newly-developed real estate in the district to be re-invested in that district), and solicited the community's input on how we would TRID money to be used here, IF the designation were applied. Tomorrow's meeting will present an analysis of which projects might be most feasible for such re-investment.


Happy 2015, people!

I gave up doing New Year's Resolutions long ago, but this year, one particular idea has taken up residence in my brain so strongly that it seems insistent on being declared in a way that would sound like...well, a resolution.


The idea? To get over myself.


I mention that here because I have been so quiet here in the past couple of months, and a big part of the reason for that is because I've gotten caught up in myself.


This may be some sort of perverse reaction to the positive attention Homewood Nation (and I) received in 2014 - a spread in Pittsburgh Magazine, a mention in City Paper, a visit from two of Europe's emerging leaders (it started out being just one, but he brought a new friend with him. I need to tell you folks about that).


My hypothesis is that all of that made me feel pressured to perform somehow at a higher level. I already wanted to do that anyway, but I think I began to feel more self-conscious about it, to a degree that it began to hinder my functioning. I look at how far short I'm falling of my own hopes for this work, and I get stuck in loops, running around in circles in my own head.


That, I need to get over.

There's another factor - for weeks and weeks now, I have told myself that this portion of Homewood Nation (i.e., this blog) will publish weekly, on Wednesdays. The logical outworking of that would be establishing a rhythm of producing stuff that could be published each Wednesday. What has happened has been me putting off writing stuff, telling myself, "Tuesday." Then feeling overwhelmed on Tuesday. DUH.


That, I definitely need to get over. Instantly.


For me, getting over myself will mean just doing the work.


For you, me getting over myself will mean more posts on Homewood Nation for your information, edification and illlumination of conversation. More news, but also more opinion. First, because I think that part of what made this work valuable to people in the first place was that it gave them a sense of how it feels to live in Homewood. Second, because I still hope to make Homewood Nation the venue of choice for multiple Homewood voices.


I'm open to suggestions on how to make that last part happen. Meanwhile, I will most definitely be posting much more, because there will be MUCH information to share in 2015. Trust me.

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