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BUSINESS: Being About It

Posted by Elwin Green on June 20, 2014 at 6:40 PM

Crunched for time here, so this will brief and informal...

If you are a business owner in Homewood, whether your operate your business online, from a home office, or in a storefront, and you have not yet participated in any of the meetings that are happening NOW (not the ones that happened XXX years ago) to form a Homewood Business Association, then you need to check out the process underway.

The meetings, which began last month, are being facilitated by Marteen Garay, of the Homewood Children's Village (her title is longer than she is tall: Manager, Community and Economic Development Projects). They are being held in sets, with a meeting on Wednesday evening followed up by a meeting on Saturday afternoon with the same basic agenda. That's to accomodate differences in people's schedules.

That may be helping to keep attendance high enough to provide the energy needed to move forward. I attended a meeting June 4, and there were about 15 people there. That meeting was primarily devoted to brainstorming a mission statement. Since then the group has formed a mission statement development committee, in addition to these other committees:


  • Business Association Bylaws Committee
  • Business Association Program Planning Committee (training, workshops, seminars, etc)
  • Membership Plan/Recruitment Committee
  • Board of Directors and Organizational Structure Committee


The next meeting is tomorrow, at 1pm, at the Early Learning HUB, located at 7219 Kelly Street, next to Wade's Barbershop.


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