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Did You Show Up?

Posted by Elwin Green on November 6, 2014 at 2:50 PM

by Denise Johnson

Election Day 2014 - the day when "We, the people" have the freedom to select who will represent our needs and concerns. The majority of "We, the people" (that is, the ones registered to vote) didn't show up to vote. Here's an overview:

There are 7,269 registered voters in Ward 13. On Tuesday, 2,150 of them (less than 30 percent) actually voted.


What does this mean? It means we will feel the impact in the Commonwealth for the next two years. And if you know about civics and state government, it means that Governor-Elect Wolf is in the same predicament as President Obama; so fasten your seat belts, its' gonna be a bumpy ride!



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Categories: Citizenship and Governance