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Albert W
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In early 1998, I contacted the Rev. Johnnie Monroe, Grace Memorial Church, about the idea of bringing a branch of Lincoln University to Pittsburgh. I had read an article about the university’s Urban Center, which was then training community activists. I also had heard that he had connections with the university. He was very receptive of the idea and contacted Rev. LeRoy Patrick, Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Homewood.  It turned out that Dr. LeRoy Patrick was a former chair of the Lincoln Board of Trustees. He agreed with the idea and approached the then current Board of Trustees. They promised to bring up the idea at the next meeting. Unfortunately, the president of Lincoln University became embroiled in a financial controversy and the Trustees decided to table the ideas until the atmosphere was better. It never resurfaced!


Here is Dr. LeRoy Patrick welcoming incoming Lincoln University president, Dr. Niara Sudarkasa.


Articles from Black Issues in Higher Education, Oct 1, 1998 that discusses the issues:

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. -- Faced with a scathing report from the state, Lincoln University's president, Dr. Niara Sudarkasa, announced on September 15 that she would relinquish her position at the end of the calendar year.

Ironically, Sudarkasa's resignation comes in a year where Lincoln is enjoying a near-record enrollment, with about 1,500 full-time students registered this semester. Sudarkasa has been widely credited with expanding Lincoln's international curriculum and has nurtured close ties between Lincoln and a number of African nations.

During her tenure, Sudarkasa increased Lincoln's presence in Philadelphia with the creation of a new "urban center" campus and urban studies program. In recent years, Lincoln also eradicated its budget deficit, expanded its endowment, and increased its alumni donations.



Lincoln’s Urban Center  http://www.lincoln.edu/luuc/index.html

A newsletter of the Lincoln University academic community; especially read the section: Articulation and Transfer — Lincoln’s Statewide Coup – it details Lincoln’s involvement with ease of transferring credits to and from the state owned universities and community colleges.  http://www.lincoln.edu/academicaccolades.pdf


I’m sorry about being so wordy, but for a while this was my passion.  Cheney University is also a great choice, but it is fully state owned.  I am not sure how independent Cheney can be about establishing a branch in Pittsburgh. The other established educational institutes in the region have a lot of political clout.

Thanks for reading this!


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Elwin Green
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Thanks for sharing this, Al - are you a LIncoln alum?


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Albert W
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No.  Duquesne University

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