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Shawn Carter
Lifelong resident of Homewood and East Hills.  Deputy Campaign Manager, Friends of Ricky Burgess, 2007 & 2011.  Chief-of-Staff to City Councilman Reverend Ricky Burgess, 2008-present.  Deputy Campaign Manager Friends of Luke Ravenstahl, 2009.  Member of Board of Directors to Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc., 2007-present .  Member, Pittsburgh Neighborhood & Community Information System Advisory Board.  Legislative, political, data analyst and researcher.

Jose A. Diaz
Josť Diaz is passionate about communities - how they function, why they are the way they are, what they were before, and what they may yet become. Always curious about the ever-evolving nature of the urban environment, he seeks to understand the relationship between cities and the people that call them home.

His work history includes a stint at Hill House Association in the Hill District, where he met regularly with residents and other stakeholders about 'Find the Rivers!', a project aimed at reconnecting the Hill District to its riverfronts through the use of natural trails. Josť also served as community organizer at Operation Better Block, Inc.in Homewood, working to address issues of public safety and blight by developing strategies in collaboration with neighbors, block watch groups, and City officials.  

More recently, Josť joined One Pittsburgh, a progressive grassroots organization dedicated to creating good jobs, building strong communities, and increasing corporate accountability across the Pittsburgh region. At One Pittsburgh, Josť engaged families throughout Allegheny County about their healthcare options under the Affordable Care Act.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Josť holds a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh.

C. Matthew Hawkins
Mr. Hawkins is a professor of history, education and social work and was the associate director of Homewood Brushton Revitalization and Development Corporation from 1986-1988. He was also the editor of the Homewood Brushton Informer, a community newspaper, during that time.

Robert D. Jones provided this first-person bio:
I grew up in this Homewood-Brushton-East Hills neighborhood with my own family, cousins and many friends.  I remember when the Big Boy became Boykins and the tomato vs mustard rivalry with Woodside made Homewood a BBQ sauce paradise.  (But I gotta admit, Bruce Leroy is right up there with it.)  I remember catching rabbits in the woods that later became East Hills Shopping Center.  I remember scraping my knees on the rough bottom of the swimming pool on Lang Street, shopping on Homewood Avenue, stealing an apple at North's Market and watching Raisin in the Sun in the Belmar Theater, then stopping for a haircut at the Belmar Barbershop on the way home. I learned everything I needed to know in life at Crescent School, and had some of the finest role models in men like Henry Ferguson, David Speaks, Melvin Howard, many more, in addition to my own father and uncles.  We raised all of our children here, as did my grandparents, and I'm looking forward to this way-too-slow but much awaited comeback of a once thriving, powerful and vibrant neighborhood.  The neighborhood formed the foundation of my view of the world around us.  It's my home.