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RACE STREET: One step forward...

Posted on February 23, 2012 at 9:45 PM

by Elwin Green

I am just coming off a day and a half without Internet service. Or phone or television service. I am one unhappy FiOS customer right now. They're supposed to send someone out tomorrow morning to fix whatever's gone wrong. Meanwhile, my tenant has let me tap into his network.


The Save Race Street Committee has received our letter from TreeVitalize Pittsburgh, confirming that we will have a spring planting of street trees, on April 28. Now it's up to us to make sure we get TreeTenders trained to care for our new arborage (I just made that up), and to make the day itself as big a deal as we can - Fun for the whole family!

That's the step forward. The step back, as you may already know from my earlier post, is that a solidly built house across the street from me has been demolished. I'm trying to find out how that happened. There are a couple of oddities here. First, the City did not own the house, and I've been told that the City doesn't order the demolition of private property unless it's falling down or burned up. This house was far from either. Second, it's FEBRUARY. We're at least a couple of months away from the time when the City normally demolishes buildings. So, questions are now springing up: Out of all the vacant and tax-delinquent properties in Pittsburgh (or even in Homewood), why was this one privately-owned property targeted for demolition? And what's the rush?

Finally, what I'll call a step sideways - there was a brawl on Race Street yesterday (Wednesday). I don't know much about it yet - I neither saw it nor heard it, and of course I haven't seen the news since Tuesday. But I hear there were upwards of 50 people involved, both kids and adults. I consider this a bad deal for Race Street, but I call it a step sideways rather than a step back because so far it sounds like something that could have happened on any street around here, not just on Race.

I'll keep asking around, but if you know anything about it, please chime in!

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