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EDUCATION: The Board Apologizes

Posted on February 23, 2012 at 10:25 PM

by Elwin Green

Yesterday, Pittsburgh Public Schools board member Mark S. Brentley gained the concurrence of his fellow board members in offering an apology to Homewood and to the Westinghouse community for the hasty implementation of a plan to make the school a single-gender academy.

Brentley offered his own spoken apology last week during the Q and A period of a Parent School Community Council meeting with PPS superintendent Linda Lane. 

The Post-Gazette's account of Wednesday's meeting offers this interesting bit of color:

Board member Sharene Shealey , whose district includes Westinghouse, said that students at Westinghouse hadn't received an adequate education for decades and no one demanded an apology then.

"No one stood up until somebody wanted to change a lack of education," she said.

She apologized for the "things I supported that didn't work. It wasn't for a lack of giving a damn."



I'm not clear on whether Ms. Shealey's point was that people should have demanded an apology long ago for Westinghouse's failure to educate (a point with which I would agree), or that since they didn't, there should be no apology now (a point with which I would disagree).

In either case, the Board did apologize, and that may be the final action on the failed plan. I can't help trying to imagine how it might have gone if the Board had apologized the way that Fred Logan repeately said they should - directly to the students, gathered in fully assembly at the school.

Anyway, I would like to know the exact wording of the motion that passed, if only to see what they said they would do going forward.

What do you think should come next?

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