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Albert W

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78 years old
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Westinghouse grad 1962; Duquesne University grad; Retired from Equitable Resources in 1998; Currently in Atlanta, GA working for the GA Dept of Labor as a computer operations manager.  Also attending GA State University in the Andrew Young College of Policy (state of Ga has a special program whereas seniors 62 and older can attend state colleges free). 


I'm becoming heavily involved with my neighborhood's community association.  We are attempting to stop investors from taking over our neighborhood by acquiring the vacant homes and selling them to homeowners.  Recently, the Mayor of Atlanta vowed to go after housing code violators.  He plans on enacting servere pentalities for all commercial investors (owning more than 3 properties) who are violating the housing codes.  He will seize the properties and ether let neighborhood groups rehab them (if suitable) or bulldoze them for greenspace.  He says there are more than 8,000 with code violations in Atlanta.  We are hoping that the city places the properties in the county's land bank for disposition.


I hope to report to my Homewood folks any progress.